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Wills - I am so incredibly bored this evening.

The process of trying to take a self portrait makes me realise why photographers have assistants.

Nordic Train by Wills
The trail from Sjusjoen to Nordseter in Norway.
Nordic Brothers by Wills
Christmas spent nordic skiing with my family in Sjusjoen, Norway.
Hytte by Wills
Traditional Norwegian hut beside Sjusjoen lake.
Mither by Wills
Christmas spent nordic skiing in Sjusjoen, Norway.
Fergus by Wills
Christmas spent nordic skiing in Sjusjoen, Norway.
Late Night Indoor Rain in a Top Hat and Tails- Playing late at night in my room again, with my one bedside lamp. I should go outside and explore more, but it’s cold in Glasgow.
Nancy & Joanna - Nancy practising her harp in her bedroom, underneath a picture of Joanna Newsom: a harpist and Nancy’s favourite person.
Rua Reidh Lighthouse- on the west coast of Scotland, looking over The Minch.
Trunk & Tail- I had completely forgotten to re upload this photograph when I started this little blog again. It was taken at Australia Zoo, and although I would never normally put up a photo taken of an animal at a zoo, this was a moment that I had to capture; it was so sad yet lovely in an odd way.

Well that’s the first time any of my photographs has gone above 50 notes, let alone 500. Awesome, and thank you.

Me and Tea This is a photo that Nancy took of me when we were having a wee tea at Tchai Ovna. It was better than any photo I took that night. Lovely light.